BMVC Workshop 2022

Videos are being generated in large numbers and volumes – by the public, video conferencing tools (e.g. Teams, Zoom, Webex), and TV broadcasters such as the BBC. The videos may be stored in public archives such as Youtube or proprietary archives such as the BBC Rewind Archive. Videos in these archives are typically indexed by pre-defined metadata such as titles, tags, and viewer notes, and are searchable by keywords. Commercial video search engines such as Youtube, Vidrovr, Panopto, and IronYun are traditionally keyword-based. Using these engines, we can search by any word spoken or on-screen, or by traditional metadata. However, it is difficult to use keywords to search for specific moments in a video where a particular speaker talks about a specific topic at a particular location. Furthermore, most videos have little or no metadata, and automatic metadata extraction is not yet sufficiently reliable. Therefore, video search by keywords has limitations. 

Video search by examples is a desirable alternative as it allows search for any content by examples, but it is notoriously hard. To improve search performance, multiple modalities could be considered e.g. face, voice, context (or setting) and topic, as each modality provides a separate search cue and multiple cues together should more accurately identify relevant content than any individual cue alone.

The Multimodal Video Search by Examples Workshop, which is part of BMVC 2022 Workshop Programme, is aimed to provide a forum on content-based video search as well as to encourage in-depth discussion of technical and application issues.

Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Content-based image and video search
  • Multimodal image and video search
  • Image and video segmentation
  • Image and video embedding
  • Re-ranking for image and video search
  • Rank aggregation for image and video search
  • Human centred AI for image and video search

BMVC 2022 organisers will manage workshop registrations, provide facilities, and distribute electronic copies of the workshop proceedings.